The underpants gnome scheme

Ever heard of it?

Let me boil it down for you. It’s about people doing things without really knowing why they are doing it that way.

For a more audio/visual explanation, please have a look here: South park Underpant gnomes

Or, enjoy the full episode here: South Park – Gnomes (s02e17)

In any case. When you come to a new place. A new team. A new whatever, people are probably going to be doing things in a certain way. Sometimes there are really good reasons for this but far too often, people just haven’t thought about it.

So, the morals of the story would be something along the lines of:
The things we are doing, are they really bringing us closer to our goal? Or are we just doing them because that’s what we have always done?


Good news everyone!

Yes, the rumors are true. Yours truly will relocate to Stockholm.

Now why would I do something that silly? There is a simple answer. Spotify.
As of January 3rd 2012. I will be working full time for Spotify. I’m being brought on to help with their back-end systems. Now, as a long time (paying) Spotify user, I’ve never had any issues with downtime or poor quality of service so it looks like they have been doing a pretty good job so far.

If you have any issues with Spotify after January 3rd, well, let’s be honest, It’s probably because you weren’t nice enough to me in the past. On an unrelated note, Christmas is coming up!

It’s meant to be funny #3

QA needs to be business driven. Everything we do needs to be business driven. We spend far too much time writing documents that will never be read. We spend far too much time on tasks that don’t bring us close to our goals. Like, pushing to complete test runs before a deadline, only to ignore the results and move on anyway. Don’t do waterfall. Don’t plan the test effort to the last two weeks before you are supposed to go live and ship. Dev will be a little late, then there will be a couple of integration issues and then you end up with three days to do a two week job and in the very end there will be less than zero time to fix any found issues.

And then we ship.