Good news everyone!

Yes, theĀ rumorsĀ are true. Yours truly will relocate to Stockholm.

Now why would I do something that silly? There is a simple answer. Spotify.
As of January 3rd 2012. I will be working full time for Spotify. I’m being brought on to help with their back-end systems. Now, as a long time (paying) Spotify user, I’ve never had any issues with downtime or poor quality of service so it looks like they have been doing a pretty good job so far.

If you have any issues with Spotify after January 3rd, well, let’s be honest, It’s probably because you weren’t nice enough to me in the past. On an unrelated note, Christmas is coming up!


Free light (just, wow)

I recently came across this video and this is quite possibly the nicest, most beautiful, most functional, cheapest solution I have come across since the tin-can-wire phone was introduced to me.

Such pure genius. I want this in my house! How on earth did they come up with the idea to mix water and bleach to get this effect?

This people, is free as in freedom and as in free beer. For crying out loud, it even helps reduce waste! It wouldn’t surprise me if the next version emits pine scented air too.

Excuse me, I have to go buy a soda and some bleach.