I am the man with the hat. I’m a computer engineer and an IT consultant. I suck at web but I am willing to learn. I do rapid development well though. I really like Python but I hear Perl can be useful too.

You can reach me here:
LinkedIn Facebook twitter about.me resume youtube vimeo
e-mail: johan at themanwiththehat.org

The sales pitch:
I like the cloud. I like open and free (as in freedom. Not that there is anything wrong with free beer in any way, just that if I have to pick one of the two, I’m going for freedom). I like LEAN and I like to get to the point.

Basically, I have a real knack for getting to the heart of the problem instead of doing what I am told or what the customer think they want or need.

For instance:
Customer – “Hi, we need to spend two months entering data into this tool we have, could you please do that?”
Me – “Sure, no problem. But if you don’t mind me asking….”

I did it in three weeks by:
* Examining their business needs
* Studying their database scheme
* Writing a Python application that generated the data for me

This is great because:
* The customer got what they needed sooner at a lower cost
* The customer got high quality data that can be regenerated in a matter of minutes in case they would like to change something
* I didn’t have to spend two months doing a mind numbing task
* I learned new things and had a pretty good time doing it

Softer things:
I’m a sucker for speed. If it is fast and/or more or less suicidal, sign me up! I do snowboarding, skiing, wakeboard, waterskiing, racer bikes, scuba diving.
I would like to do longboarding, skydiving, bungee jumping and who knows maybe even a motorbike license (+ naturally, a bike to go with the license).

And then we have the odd man out. I also have a real taste for dance. Latin dance to be specific. Salsa (Cuban and Line style), Bachata, Merenge so far. But I’d like to give Ceroc and Zouk a go. All in good time.


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