Google Docs vs. MS Office

So, I’ve already made up my mind but (not) surprisingly not everyone agrees with me.

Microsoft Office

  • It’s been around for ages
  • It has tons of features
  • It is your one stop shop for all things corporate. Spreadsheets, documents, presentation and everything else that will make you fall asleep
  • You only use 20 of those features though
  • You install it on your computer
  • You have to handle synchronization of documents on your own
  • It costs you about 1.5 kidneys
  • New version every few years (with the additional cost of a kidney or two)
Google Docs
  • It’s pretty new compared to Office
  • It has way less features
  • It has the features you actually want, need and use
  • It is your one stop shop for all things corporate.
  • It runs on any computer that can go online
  • It will allow you to effortlessly share and synchronize with others
  • It’s free for everyone. If you want to, you can pay for a corporate license and they will take care of you a little better.
  • Is continuously updated and maintained.
Why you should convince your management to stop paying for Office, Outlook and all that:
  • Google will handle your backup needs. Just like that.
  • No more patching or installing of software. It runs in your browser.
  • No more issues with obscure settings to setup e-mail or calendar. You are up and running from moment 1.
  • It even works on your smartphone, just like that. Super easy.
  • You can collaborate on the same document, no matter where you are. No more e-mailing of .docs back and forth.
  • It’s cheap! $50 per user and year. I mean. Come on!
  • It saves time! No more searching for that feature you want. It’s right there.
    No more iterating through lists for that file you want, Google will search for you.
Reasons to stick with Office:
  • Powerpoint as slightly fancier boxes and effects for your presentations.
So okay. Give everyone Google Apps and then that one person who insists that fancy boxes are important can have a Powerpoint license.

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