It’s meant to be funny #4

“It lopped a few points of his I.Q but he still has a bright future in QA”
– Dilbert

See, it’s funny because it’s considered to be true.
I know some people I would classify as clever. The vast majority of them are engineers of different disciplines and one of the brightest shining lights among these is one of my first colleges. We were both in QA. Then again, imagine how great he would have been if he hadn’t had that drink of industrial sludge that one time 😉

Like another college keeps telling me, this is great. All the more work and money for the two of us while the code slaves churn their C and C++.

Whatever happen to the team? You know, this collection of disciplines that are combined in a group of people who pull together to reach a common goal?

The next time you see your local QA person, look at him or her as your helpful friend who makes you look good but not allowing you to release broken software. This person should be your best friend. Your greatest ally.





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