Spotify for linux

I recently switched back to Linux (Ubuntu 11.04) since it’s just so superior when it comes to developing new software (everything runs smoother). It was a little bit like coming home after being away for a really long time. Some things were exactly where I left them (like the terminal) but some things had changed quite a bit (Unity? More things just working). For instance, I was really surprised to find my mobile 3G broadband to be working without any fuss (plug in, select carrier, enter pin, done).
Do you know what else? As I was about to install Wine so that I could run Spotify, I noticed a teeeny tiny link at the Spotify download page. Spotify for Linux preview.

I followed the insanely simple instructions and just like that, I had Spotify running natively. It works. I haven’t found a single feature that is missing from the Windows version. It even comes with a snassy penguin on the Spotify icon.


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