It’s meant to be funny #2

This is so accurate that it’s almost scary. QA is far too often at the end of the pipeline. If you find something that is broken, not only will you see your planning and budget go up in smoke. You’ll also be responsible for delaying the whole project. No problem guys, we live to take your crap.

It doesn’t really matter if you know more programming than the developers. They have always looked down on QA and will probably keep doing so for the foreseeable future. Irony anyone? If a person is skilled enough to find flaws in your solution. Does that mean you are smarter than they are? No. No it doesn’t.

The moment you have completed that manual test case and have the results of your test run. All the time you spent on it turned into waste.

And that’s how you break someone’s spirit.

I know this is silly. You know this is silly. Still, it happens every day. Every single day.

But hey! It’s not like I am bitter about it or anything. Like a a friend and a colleague of mine keeps telling me: “This is great! This is what keeps you and I in business”

Thanks for the original material.