A pull mindset for documents

Assuming you are familiar with how push and pull systems work. I have come to learn that most companies work according to push. You arrive, they give you a whole bunch of documents to churn through. At this time, you don’t know what you will need and what you could skip without jepordizing the quality of your work.

Why not handle documents in a pull manor? Assign tasks and have the person pull in the information needed rather than burring them in a mountain of documents, intranet pages, handbooks and policies. Sure, it will take them a bit longer to finish their first few tasks but they are learning by doing and you won’t spend time on teaching them things they won’t need anyway. Besides, that time they use to pull in data would have been used to push things into their minds anyway (+ the overhead). Also, since they first saw the need for the information, found it and then used it. It is far more likely to stick.

I call for a pull system for introducing new people. Doing is more fun than reading anyway, right?