3 (Tre) is out, Telenor is in

So, 3G. It turns out that the bad things people have been telling me about 3 are true. At least some of them. You see, even though the connection was working fine initially, I started experiencing a flaky connection after a few days. It got increasingly bad and the modem got very hot. I have a small fan so I aimed the fan at the modem and it helped (for a while).

Then today, after the modem lost the connection three times within 15 minutes I decided that enough is enough. I took it back to the dealer and asked to get a new one. They refused and told me to go to another store and get a software upgrade.

I told them I had already spoken with tech support and that there are no upgrades for this modem. They didn’t believe me.

Fine. I went to the other place. Explained the issue. They wanted to send it for a repair.

I got this thing less than two weeks ago. It doesn’t work and they expect me to part with my internet connection so they can fix the modem? No thanks, please give me a new modem.

They didn’t want to but I stood my ground. They eventually agreed to give me a new one. Asked if I had the old one with me (I did). And then they wanted the box too.

I didn’t have the box. They really wanted the box. Something about that the box had a sticker on it that would match the sticker on the USB cable that came with the modem.

FINE! In that case I would like to terminate our agreement by exercising my right to undo the contract within 14 days from the day it was signed.

They wouldn’t let me. They refused to let me terminate and instead referred me to customer services. Over the phone. Fine. I called. A voice answered and explained that they had an unusual high load of calls for the “Terminate contract” department at the moment and asked me to call back at another time.

Great. That is just great.

Anyway, I went by Telenor on the way home. They offered me the same deal as 3. I asked specifically  about what would happen if I had the same issues with them as I did with 3. They guaranteed me a10Mbit stable connection and if I had any issues, I could terminate within two weeks. No worries.

It looked risk free so I accepted. I am writing you this over a 3G connection, provided by Telenor. It weighs in at about 20Mbit down stream and about 3.5Mbit up stream.
3 never got even close to these numbers. Now let’s see for how long it works…

Now all I need to do is figure out how to terminate the 3 contract.