The state of test automation in Scandinavia

I came across this article on IDG. Now, first thing is first.

  • IDG rarely have a clue about the things they write about at least not on their webpage (can’t really speak for the printed media).
  • IDG seem to have certain flair for allowing the companies they write about to push their own agenda.
  • I have really good experience with software test departments at Capgemini (they know what they are doing. At least the German branch does. I cannot speak for other parts of the company)
But it does make me a little upset when Sogeti (sister company to Capgemini) comes to the conclusion that Scandinavian software testers are sticking to manual testing through thick and thin and they says that this might not be the best approach.

Sogeti as a company has actively chosen not to do test automation and are in general reluctant to try anything new. They are a big part of the problem. Customers come to them for help and advice and they steer them away from attractive automation solutions.

Honestly. It is pissing me off.

Read the cause for these ramblings here (in Swedish):

And then through Google translate (thank you Google):