I went to Liseberg the other day for a free lesson in Cuban salsa. Needless to say, I had lost some (read at least 75%) of my moves but still managed to make it through the session. It wasn’t very complicated and we got it after maybe 5 attempts but one thing kept bugging me.

Now, I don’t speak Spanish so I cannot say for sure but I could swear that I have heard several different (Spanish) names for the same figures and it is driving me mad(er).

I finally learn what for instance an Enchufa is and then someone comes along and calls it something else. Come one people! Think of us ignorant non Spanish speaking suckers and standardize at least the names of the basic figures. You are killing me on the dance floor with this nonsense.

Then again, no one else really know either and as long as I get to lead (surprisingly enough, I have been challenged on a number of occasions. It goes something like this:

  • Girl consumes some alcohol
  • Girl asks me to dance and tries to overpower me
  • Interesting things happen when two people try to lead)

which is most of the time.

However, I was shown this page with really good videos of how to do a couple of moves and get this, they are named after what figure they show! So, I am calling it, this is the agreed upon naming convention for Cuban salsa figures: