New project! Maxing out the 3G.

I recently got a 3G connection. It can be pretty darn fast, I am currently enjoying 10Mbit down stream (but a mere 1.5Mbit up stream). However, the theoretical maximum is 32Mbit down and about 5Mbit up so I figured I’d try to boost the connection a bit.

Now, I can tweak my network settings and I can try to get a better signal. I’ll do both, starting with the signal. I have found two ways of doing this:

  • Get a USB extension to move the modem (with built in antenna)  to a better spot
  • Get an actual external antenna to boost reception and thus, hopefully get better performance.
A 5m USB cable goes for about 100:- at Clas Ohlson and I can get an 3G optimized external antenna with an adapter (you know, to make it fit the modem) for about 500:- at Kjell & Co.
Being frugal, I’m going for the USB cable for starters. I mean, if it gets me all the bars, then why pay more? Besides, this could enable me to also mount a USB camera next to the modem and finally get the home surveillance project off the ground.
Update! There is a project page for this now!