3 is the order winner

Today, after work, I set out to get a 3G broadband connection. I had my mind set on Telia since they have reputation of having good coverage. I went to their store (it should be known that I do not like notice periods for this sort of thing) told them my budget and asked what they could offer me. They had 3G and 4G. Ok, and they could only guarantee a lowest speed with the 4G option. Ok, and they had a 3 months notice tied to all of their deals no matter what.

I spent maybe 15-20 minutes trying to negotiate with them (turns out I got the manager from the start, how about that?) but she would not bulge. In the end it all came down to me offering to pay the entire 18 months of fixed costs up front to make they skip the notice period. They didn’t take it and didn’t make any counter offers of any kind not could she explain what this fee was meant to cover or what I was a consumer was benefiting. Very well, I can take my business elsewhere.

I went over to 3 (www.tre.se) and told them the same thing. I explained how high I was willing to go. I told them I did not want to have a notice period. The sales guy scratched his head, thought about it for a second, asked if it would be OK if he talked to his manager.

Me: “Sure, go a head, I’ll be in the store”

He came back after maybe 2 minutes.

Sales guy: “I cannot remove the notice period but I can however give you the first three months for free, that way you wont loose any money anyway. How about that?”

Me: Sure! Let’s do it.

So here we are. I am writing you this post over my 3G connection, provided by 3. Well done Mr Sales guy you did your job. Telia. Well. What can I say? Start doing your job and lighten up a bit, will you?