Working on it, also, new project!

I expect to have the home office up and running this weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to update the Python course and possibly even release some code for at least some of the projects.

Speaking of which, I’m puttin a new project at the top of the stack:
Apartment destinkyfier
Since I recently moved, it has been brought to my attention that the place smells a little. I can only agree. It does. A thorough cleaning did help a little but didn’t solve the problem. The problem lies beyond my walls. To be frank, my neighbors really do stink.

Suggested solutions:

  • Air ionizer (easy fix, but how well do they work? Will it be enough?)
  • Air purifier (more expensive than the ionizer but possibly better too?)
  • Seal the cracks where the bad air gets in (silicone everywhere!)
  • Raise the air pressure in the apartment to reverse the airflow in the cracks (fresh air fans)
  • Talk to them about if they could maybe stink a little less? (Already attempted, they didn’t get it)
Or possibly some combination of the above. I am leaning towards starting with silicone. If it improves the situation enough, an ionizer looks like a pretty attractive solution.

More about this in the project pages later.